Vajradhatu Sun 1981 about the choice of a regent of the Karmapa Kagyü School


(Journal of the Vajradhatu Cmmunity of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche)

February March 1982

Peter Volz: Funeral Ceremony for His Holiness Karmapa

Throughout the week-long visit to Rumtek, the Vajracarya and the Vajra Regent met several times with the four major tulkus:

His Eminence the Ven. Sharnar Rinpoche; His Eminence the Ven. T’ai Situ, Rinpoche; His Eminence the Ven. Jamgon Kontrul, Rinpoche; and His Eminence the Yen Gyaltsab Rinpoche; as well as with the Yen. Khentyse Rinpoche, the Ven. Kalu Rinpoche and General Secretary of Rumtek, Mr Damchoe Yongdu.

These meetings were held both as a group, as well as in smaller, more informal discussions. Many critical issues facing the present leaders of the Kagyu Lineage were addressed. Maintaining support for the many dharma projects initiated by His Holiness; coordinating the international tours by the major tulkus; and the reorganization of Karma Kagyu International, the urnbrella organization for all the Kagyu centers were a few of the issues discussed.

‘Due to His Holiness’ passing away, it was clearly necessary to rewrite the charter for Karma Kagyu International, and to clarify the lines of authority. In order to accomplish this, the Vajracarya, accompanied by the Vajra Regent and Mr Springer, had intensive discussions with the Yen. Shamar Rinpoche and the General Secretary. Out of these sessions came several important documents. (See reprints ofthese documents on pages 2 & 4). As the highest ranking tulku of the Kagyu School, the Ven. Shamar Rinpoche was formally acknowledged as the interim leader of the Kagyupas, acting as Regent, until the next Karmapa comes of age.


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