The “letter of prediction”

“I strongly objected to revealing this letter,”

Shamar said. “The world now was not like Tibet in the old days. High

lamas and normal people would analyze the letter and they would find it

to be clearly false. Then after that they would also doubt the authenticity

of all previous Karmapas as well. I told the group that it was better to say

that there is no prediction letter.”

Situ passed over Shamar’s objections. Instead of answering them,

he said that according to the letter it was necessary to send Rumtek

General Secretary Topga to search for the boy. “Does that mean that you

do not already know where the boy is?” Shamar asked. “I said again that

we should not reveal this letter. But we could look for the boy anyway.

In the meantime, we should send the letter for a forensic test. So later, if

both the boy and the letter would prove true, we could reveal them.

“Situ Rinpoche objected that this would cost a lot of money

and would take a lot of time resulting in delay finding the boy. I said

that there was no problem; we could find a way to do it all quickly and

without much cost. Anyway, Situ Rinpoche should not have had a veto

on testing the letter. Whenever a prediction letter about the Karmapa

was presented by anyone in the past, it has always become the property

of the Karmapa’s labrang. So the Rumtek administration should have

decided whether to test it or not. But Situ just pushed ahead; there was

no time for discussion.

Erik Curren: Buddha’s not Smilig, pg.129/130.


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