Followers of Ogyen Trinley at work: Working against the will of the 16th Karmapa

Dear Dharmafriends,


excuse my not BC (Buddhis Correct) language. But I’m really tired of those followers of Ogyen Trinley who blamed Shamarpa for every single false word he spoke, but themselves obviously worked against the late Karmapa’s command. In the case of Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, whom the late Karmapa made Karma Kagyü Yabsey – heart son – and representative for Australia and New Zealand its especially grave, as on the first place he was neutral in terms of the “Karmapa Controversy.” 1

Australian Karma Kagyü followers tried to overtake the monasteries which the 16th Karmapa put under the responsability of Beru Khyentse.

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Quotation of Beru Khyentse Rinpoche:

In my opinion, it is possible that there can be two Karmapas in order to benefit sentient beingsbecause the Karmapa can manifest in many different forms. For example, in 1981 while theKarmapa was in Chicago, after undergoing treatment, not only his health did not improve but his sickness deterrioted. While he was approaching death, one of his close disciples appealed to HH the Karmapa, ‘Please do not pass into parinirvana but remain in this world and guide us with yourcompassion. Therefore, may you have a long life’. The Karmapa replied, ‘My body has been infected with lots of disease therefore I would like to replace my body. Do not worry, I will return.’
He highlighted that in many universes a hundred million Karmapas have manifested. The Karmapa is also the Buddha’s emanation, thus until all the thousand Buddhas have come and their doctrine is not diminishing, my activity of the Karmapa emanations will not end.

beru karmapa 001


6 thoughts on “Followers of Ogyen Trinley at work: Working against the will of the 16th Karmapa

  1. Wow BC sounds too PC too me. If however you mean saying what you mean with wisdom and compassion, holding the highest view, and saying it with out anger; then I think you are ok. When we are PC we cannot be honest and only dance around the truth. This helps no one.

    1. Dear Vance (?)

      yes I tried to be a little ironic. BC is more mental, and as you say, it should come from the heart. When people pretend to be disciples of the late Karmapa but go against his wishes I cannot always react with my heart (or better said: open heart). But already I’m not angry any longer. Yeshe

    1. Dear Vance

      thanks, yes I know the fake apple letter. Unluckily Thrangu is one of those who is heavily engaged in Politics. I have not the time to debunk his letter. But maybe you have seen my post where he just takes a prophecy of the 16th Karmapa to confirm Ogyen Trinle
      best wishes! Yeshe

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